Who We Are

Two students in class

About Respect Academy

In 2013 Respect Academy became a stand-alone school, separating from Abraham Lincoln High School as the night school. Respect has grown from teachers on carts sharing classrooms, to a school within a larger comprehensive high school.  Respect Academy exists to serve older students who are within a year or year and a half of graduating.  We offer flexible schedules to meet the needs of students who have work and life commitments beyond school and our classes are organized into 6-week terms (hexters) to enable our students to gain credit quickly.  All students choice-in to Respect Academy.

Respect Academy is a small school by design with class sizes generally capped at 15, meaning students receive instruction tailored to meet their needs and teachers and students are able to form strong relationships.  Teachers are focused on how to deliver and facilitate opportunities for all students in authentic and unique ways. Over the past four years, every aspect of our school (instructional rigor, scheduling, and instructional expectations) has been refined to align with the new vision and mission of Respect Academy.  Our teaching staff has remained steady over the past two years and many staff are fluent in Spanish as well as English. 

School Focus

As a community, we are committed to: