Principal’s Message

Respect Academy graffiti on wall

Respect Academy was designed to serve students who are 17 – 21 years old, who are close to graduating but have had significant barriers to graduating on time. All of our students have made the very BRAVE choice to reclaim their graduation and post-secondary future by choosing Respect Academy!

At Respect Academy, our goal is not only to accelerate our students’ path to graduation through our accelerated schedule, but also to build their confidence as learners, rebuild their family’s trust in schools, and ensure that they leave our school able to successfully pursue their next life goal. We pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships, consistently learning how we can better serve our students, and watching their brilliance shine when they cross the graduation stage into their next stage in life!

We are different by design – small school, small class sizes, and individualized meaningful support. Come see for yourself – Respect Academy – Success Starts Here!